Blood On The Trail

A common access point for mushers and riders looking to head west on the trail is Willow.


This area is also home to the annual Iditarod Race in March and many large commercial sled dog kennels operate outside of town.

Recently, while returning from a snowmachine trip out to the Skwentna Area, signs of blood were spotted on the trail leading up to the Little Willow Creek.


The trail was recently groomed by musher support crews and did not show any signs that other animals had traveled on its surface.  The only tracks appeared from dog team and sled.

Many Iditarod dogs suffer ulcers from stress and abuse of NSAID’S given to them throughout their training season.

Upon further review, it appeared that the animal who left the blood on the trail was suffering greatly from blood loss and was not relieved from running in harness with its dog team.


Please do not support commercial mushing activities of any type.  Races, tours, dog farms, chaining and culling of sled dogs is an archaic and outdated practice which needs to end.

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Steve Stine

I moved to Alaska twelve years ago to homestead and ski after I finished my Bachelor of Arts from Green Mountain College in Vermont. I am now focused on writing and photography.

6 thoughts on “Blood On The Trail”

      1. Terri,
        I am not sure what happened to the dog or if it made it?
        I asked the mushing community to look into it since I had a good idea which team it was, but no response unfortunately.
        Thanks for your interest.


  1. Thank you for your article. Everyone needs to know how brutal this race actually is. It needs to stop immediately. I recommend people voice their opinions to the sponsors of this race. I have!

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  2. Thank you for this report. I am well aware of what goes on in the ‘sled dog industry’ and how the dogs suffer horribly and often pay with their lives. 1,000-mile sled dog races are simply a legal form of animal abuse. Unfortunately the world is mainly unaware of the reality faced by the dogs. The media has brainwashed the general public into believing it’s all in good fun – an adventure. ~~> Please SIGN & SHARE this World-wide PETITION to put a stop to these barbaric races that take place in my homeland! These animals need help!

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    1. PJ,
      Thanks for your support and all the work you are doing to spread the truth as an advocate for sled dogs in your region.
      The commercial racing events should be bannned just like Grey Hound racing is currently being banned throughout America.
      I feel if tethering or commercial racing was banned, that we would slowly see an end to this “dog lot” paradigm.
      Like you, I am not against the sport of mushing (I recreational ski jor with 2 Huskys that I adore…and sleep with in my home).
      Have a nice day and thanks again for your support:)


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