Hatcher Pass Skiing

The Willow Fishook Road is plowed all the way to the Lucky Shot Mine right now on the West side of Hatcher’s Pass.

The road turns East off of the Park’s Hwy in Willow at mile 71 by the coffee shop and heads up the hill.

It is roughly about 30 miles to the parking area near the Lucky Shot Mine.


There are many challenges awaiting the skier, snow boarder or snowmachiner.

Please check out avalanche danger before heading into the hills and always tell someone your itinerary.


Right now there is still powder to be found, but wind events have moved snow and made some aspects more dangerous than others.


I skied a ridgeline close to the parking area and found stable snow with good consolidation and no signs of natural releases.

Enjoy your Spring tours and always use caution when choosing your run.

Published by

Steve Stine

I moved to Alaska twelve years ago to homestead and ski after I finished my Bachelor of Arts from Green Mountain College in Vermont. I am now focused on writing and photography.