“Knock and Talks”

Have you ever had an unexpected knock on your door only to look out the window and see police officers?

What am I required by U.S. law to do; you may have thought?  Must I open the door for law enforcement officers even though I did not call them to my location?

“Knock and Talks” as they are known in policing are very common throughout America and are used as a source for “fishing” for information.  Many times the subject of the interview did not even participate in any suspected criminal activity.  Maybe your neighbor filed a false complaint or you were a witness to an event days or weeks prior?


It is for these reasons that under U.S. law, you have NO obligation to open a door when a cop knocks.  You actually do not even have to speak with law enforcement.

Your right to remain silent and not answer questions is always available…not just when you are under arrest as the movies would like you to believe.

If placed in this situation of receiving a “knock and talk”, it is best to learn this phrase and speak it out a window to police: “I do not wish to answer any questions”.

Every good lawyer is taught this in law school and relays this message to their clients.

When did the “knock and talk” paradigm develop you might ask? Are these and other invasive National Security tactics like “eavesdropping” a sign of a more concerning shift towards Fascism away from private citizen rights and liberties?


If faced with an unexpected knock on your door, it is best to be polite and speak through a window to police.

If the cops give you any indication that you may be a suspect in one of their investigations, then I advise you to get an attorney…if you do not have the money to hire a lawyer, then please seek the free legal services in your area.

Many folks that are dragged into the criminal justice system or worse were killed by police, could have avoided their outcomes by NOT opening the door and calling for legal support immediately.

In Alaska there are Legal Service offices throughout the state. These attorneys receive compensation through grants and federal funding.


Like many other social problems facing our country, help may be just a phone call away.

Protect yourself and your family next time you are confronted by the cops…

“I am not interested in answering questions, may I please speak with an attorney”

This is the Mantra of a free and civil society, a culture that may be slipping slowly towards a global corporate oligarchy of totalitarian control.


Published by

Steve Stine

I moved to Alaska twelve years ago to homestead and ski after I finished my Bachelor of Arts from Green Mountain College in Vermont. I am now focused on writing and photography.